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Tubeless boiler

Horizontal industrial boiler is widely used for different industries: textile factory, food and beverage factory, chemical factory, paper factory, plastic factory, garment factory, crystal oil processing, shoe making factory, printing factory, school, hotel, swimming pool, laundry, pharmaceutical, medical, greenhouse, farm, etc….

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Heat transfer oil furnace

Oil and gas fired thermal oil furnace is a type of thermal oil furnace using FO, DO or LPG, CNG, and Biogas as fuel.

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Resistance boiler

Resistive boiler: A type of boiler that uses electricity to heat directly through resistors, usually a small capacity type with a capacity of 7Kg steam/h to 200kg steam/h. It has a very compact structure, no emissions, fully automatic operation, safe and environmentally friendly.

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Vertical oil fired boiler

Oil-fired boiler is a product of KS PTI manufactured to apply in industrial fields requiring heat such as laundry, wood drying, cooking, food processing... completely environmentally friendly.

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Fire tube boiler located

Fire tube boilers are one of the most basic types of boilers and the design is also very old. It was popularized in the 18th century. It was mainly used for steam locomotive engines.

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Water tube boiler (D-shape)

Minimizing environmental pollution through the use of advanced combustion systems and optimal selection of boilers and burners; easy, fast and accurate operation.

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