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More than 15 years experience in boiler design and manufacture. The production process is closely monitored, tested and approved by experts, a team of engineers and experienced production warehouses in the field of boilers to ensure high quality products to customers.

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KS factory owns a system of modern machinery and equipment, meeting the strictest standards from ASME, TCVN. Applying modern production lines with high synchronization to create quality products to supply domestic and foreign markets as well as affirm the KS brand.


No. 9A, Street 73, Tan Quy Dong Residential Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCM.

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Our company always improves service quality, always receives advanced science and new technology

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We wish to create a reputable enterprise with comprehensive capacity in management, production and distribution of the best service to meet the needs of each customer.

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Consulting, designing, Machining and manufacturing according to customers' requirements and drawings


Ensure production and supply of products that meet TCVN, ASME. Develop a plan for synchronous development of people and businesses.

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lo hoi


lo nam

A device that uses fuel (solid, liquid, gas) to transfer heat to water to generate heat-carrying steam for...

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lo dau

Oil furnace

PRODUCTS other 061 1030x687 1

KS oil furnace is designed, manufactured and operated intelligently, using heat transfer oil medium to provide heat source ...

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lo nuoc

Hot water furnace

PRODUCTS other 02 1030x687 1

Use natural gas, oil as fuel. Widely used to heat cold areas as well as...

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quat cong nghiep

Industrial fans

IMG 1020 1555x1037 1030x687 1

Distribution 2 main groups include: centrifugal fans and axial fans. serve the needs and purposes...

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Be ap luc

Tank, pressure equipment

PRODUCTS other 01 1030x687 1

KS always tries to keep the leading position in the industry in the field of supplying pressure equipment, pressure tanks ...

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Thiet bi nhiet

Thermal equipment

PRODUCTS other 08 1030x688 1

Including heat-using equipment such as: Heat exchangers, burners, heat control devices, ...

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icon may ep bun 1

Sludge dewatering

a slider

Specially designed to minimize odors and noise. Very low rinsing water usage, Very low power consumption...

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cat laser

Laser cutting processing

cat laser chi tiet may

KS is committed to fast metal cutting service on the spot, we accept cutting service even retail customers come to cut the number ...

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Application of centrifugal fan in today’s life

Application of centrifugal fan in today’s life

Industrial centrifugal fan is a line of equipment manufactured with high pressure. Widely used in industrial buildings, factories, factories, warehouses, etc. So what are the…

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Overview of industrial centrifugal fans

Overview of industrial centrifugal fans

Currently, industrial centrifugal fans are an item that many investors and construction contractors are interested in. To help them better understand this product line, below,…

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Why is periodic boiler maintenance necessary?

Why is periodic boiler maintenance necessary?

The importance of boiler maintenance: Industrial boilers, like many other industrial machinery and equipment, are classified as having relatively high continuous working time. Therefore it…

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